Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions we've received over the years

What is is an Internet resource designed to bring tournament information to interested athletes, their parents, and coaches. The tournaments are presented in multiple ways to make finding tournaments easier. We've gone out of our way to make locating tournaments in your area as easy as possible. Let us know if you have any problems or suggestions on how we can serve you better.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Members get access to all of our tournament searching tools. We have a tool to keep track of tournaments that your interested in, search tools to make finding tournaments that fit your needs, and email reminders when tournament deadlines approach just to name a few. We'll be adding new tools as we continue to expand.

I am having trouble getting past the login screen in order to get to the members section . I login and get a dialog box that says "Login Successful". After I click OK, then I return to a screen to try and login again.

This is type of behavior will occur if your browser is not allowing cookies. Cookies are data files that websites use to track were users have been on their sites. We only use cookies for storing whether a user is logged in or not. You will need to go into your browser's options page and either setup our site as a trusted site or allow cookies to be saved. I would recommend allowing cookies as most shopping sites use them to store your "shopping cart" information. We have had problems with the AOL browser in the past not allowing users to login. If you were trying the AOL browser I would strongly urge you to use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. There is a link on our website to download Firefox for free.

Tournament Directors

Why should I add my tournament to the listings?

It's free to add your tournament to our listing which is regularly viewed by our over 2000 members. We've seen our share of tournament fliers on the lunch tables at tournaments. Now, by filling out a form on our site you're able to reach people that weren't able to make it to tournaments that your fliers are displayed at.

I entered a tournament on your previous website that I need to update. How do I go about updating it?

The new website has been designed to make the process of updating tournaments much easier. Your event will show up in the "List My Events" member page which makes updating your tournament one click away. Due to the fact that your event was added prior to the site update we don't know which user account the tournament goes with. If you send an email to with the tournament name, city, and your account username we'll add the event to your account.

In the past when I listed a tournament it would show all of the contact information, such as name, address, email, ect. I attempted to add more information but it still only shows the name. Have I failed to perform a step?

We have changed the site to make things easier when adding multiple listings or adding next season's listings. The tournaments now use the contact information listed for your account.

To change your contact information:
1. Log into the member's section of the site.
2. Select the Change Contact Info link in the Member Profile section.
3. This is the information used for your default contact information.
4. Fill in all fields, but select which fields you would like to show for your tournaments on the bottom. You can select whether you want to share your address, city, phone, cell phone, or email information.

In doing things this way, you only have to update the information once and it will be applied to all tournaments you have entered.

In the tournament submission / editing pages you can also select to add a new contact (could be your work contact information or another contact person ). By checking the check box next to this contact information it will be displayed with the tournament. Unchecking the checkbox next to the contact information will ensure it does not get displayed with the tournament.

Camp Directors and Business Owners

I have an event or business that I would like to make your members aware of. Do you offer any advertising opportunities?

Starting February 1, 2005 we will be offering advertising spots on our website. We have a limited number of spots open so please contact us at for more information.


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