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Youth Basketball Tournament In Madrid, Iowa

MBC Youth Basketball Tournament

Madrid High School     Madrid, Iowa 50156
DatesJanuary 25, 2020
DeadlineJanuary 12, 2020
Divisions4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
RegistrationEntry fee payable to Madrid Booster Club & registration form to:
Tami Santi, 620 W. 4th St., Madrid, IA 50156
Rules1. MBC will use the basketball rules of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (girls) and the Iowa High School
Athletic Association (boys) except where noted below.
2. The teams will play a round-robin tournament with the team with the best record being the champion and the next best
record will be second place. 4 team brackets- 3 game guarantee.
3. Any/All ties will be decided by:
a) Overall record;
b) Head to head competition.
c) Total margin of victory/loss not to exceed +20 or –20 for any one game;
d) Coin flip;
conduct resulting in the assessment of technical fouls has been a problem. Consequently, a game shall immediately
end should a bench be assessed a second technical foul during that particular game and if such team be ahead, it will
be deemed to have forfeited the game. Upon such event the offending team will also be assessed a score of –20 for
purposes of paragraph 3 above.
5. At most two coaches will be permitted to be on or in the vicinity of the team bench during the game.
6. All divisions will use the age appropriate ball.
7. The three-point rule will be used in 7th and 8th grade only. In all other divisions there will be no three-point goals.
8. All divisions will play 16-minute halves with the clock stopped only for free throws and time outs but not violations.
During the final minute of each half, the clock will be stopped on violations and all fouls.
9. Teams are allowed three time-outs per game and one extra time-out per overtime.
10. There are no special defensive rules for the tournament except there will be no backcourt pressing once a lead exceeds
20 points.
11. The first overtime period will be two minutes. If needed, a second untimed sudden death period will be played.
12. A one and one free throw opportunity will be awarded after the seventh foul in each half. On the tenth foul, two free
throws will be awarded.
13. Each team will be allowed five minutes to warm up prior to their game. There will be a five-minute half-time intermis-
sion. Tournament officials have the right to change warm-up time limits, the length of intermission or the length of
quarters if necessary to stay on schedule.
14. Teams will supply their own basketballs for warm-up.
15. A team must be ready to play within five minutes of their scheduled starting time or risk forfeit. A team must have five
players on the floor to start the game.
16. A player may play up a grade but not down. A player may play on only one team during the tournament.
17. Teams must bring both dark and light jerseys, preferably with numbers on both front and back. This greatly aids the
game officials and volunteer scorekeepers.
18. MBC awards will be given to each player on the championship and second place team for each grade, with a maxi-
mum of 12 awards per team.
19. Tournament officials have the right to change schedules because of any major conflicts, weather conditions or any
other necessary reason.
20. The tournament is sponsored by the Madrid Booster Club and not by the Madrid Community School District. Neither
the Madrid Booster Club nor the Madrid Community School District will be responsible for any injuries or thefts of
personal possessions during the tournament. Coaches will be responsible for their players while on school property.
21. A team canceling or not showing up for a game will not receive any type of monetary refund and will be assessed
Bill Dean
PO Box 166

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